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Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood CMA Awards 2012 Behind The Scenes Pictures

“Brad Paisley is such a gentleman! He sent me beautiful flowers to celebrate 5 years hosting the CMAs! Thanks, Brad!” - Carrie

“Thank you all for putting up with our shenanigans for another year!”  - Brad

“We have a great respect for one another, as well as similar sense of humor in some ways & it’s a great thing to find that. I think Conway & Loretta found that. They were good friends who realized that together they made great music & that was something that was really unique & a great, great thing to witness & I think you’re seeing that with us. I think that it’s probably not the last time that we’ll sing together. I hope not.” - Brad Paisley

“We just work as a team. If you think about - & I mean, I’m not meaning to compare us to these people at all - there’s so many good teams in country music over the years, you know, George & Tammy, Conway & Loretta. It’s great for me to have my own Conway & have my own George, you know. It’s more of like a big brother-little sister kind of connection that we have. We pick on each other. I feel like we have the same kind of sense of humor. We’re both pretty dry. He’s a little more sort of smart-alecky than me. It just works. There’s no ego involved, nobody’s trying to upstage the other. We’re so happy to celebrate each other’s success & work together. I love his family & he’s buddies with my husband. It all works” - Carrie Underwood

Brad & Carrie rehearsing for the 2012 CMA Awards.


Carrie: Faith Hill barbie, OH EM GEEE!

Brad: TIM MCGRAW BARBIE! TIM MCGRAW BARBIE!! Okay, I cannot wait ‘til after the show, can we play with these now?

Carrie: Yes, yes! “Hellooo you are hot!”

Brad: “Hello, Faith. You look beautiful. Would you like to make out with me?”

Carrie: *sings* “This kiss, this kiss…”

Brad: “I like it, I love it, I want some more… puppet.”

Carrie: Hey, Brad, do you think that these dolls are-

Brad: Anatomically correct?

Carrie: Yes!

Brad: Only one way to find out, give me Faith.

Carrie: That… that cannot be right.

Brad: There’s nothing there… Poor Faith.

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Non Carrie Underwood fans need to shut the fuck up about her real fans being pissed off that she’s not nominated for EOTY. You would do the same exact thing if your favorite artist wasn’t.

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