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2/∞ of my favorite celebrities

Carrie Underwood

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Wherever you come from eventually you have that moment when it hits you. Why the Grammy awards is the music’s ultimate honor.

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Carrie Underwood ♡


Carrie Underwood ♡

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My favorite design on Carrie’s dress , Feburary 10th 2013 ♥


Umm can we talk about Carrie Underwood’s dress right now?

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Live fast die young country girls do it well

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Carrie Underwood | behind the scenes of Two Black Cadillacs

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Words cannot express how awesome the TBC music video was.

Excuse me while I drown in feels and watch it a billion more times.

Turns out he been lying to both of them for oh so long
They decided then he’d never get away for doing this to them
Two black cadillacs waiting for the ride down, ride down.

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Let’s just enjoy this…

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              Carrie Underwood - Two Black Cadillacs (x)

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